Chad Johnson Shows Up at Fan’s House in Norfolk

How do you get an NFL player to show up at your Hampton Roads university? Challenge him to a game of FIFA15!

Chad Johnson, the former NFL wide receiver widely known as Ochocinco, put up a challenge on Twitter Monday saying he could beat anyone in the video game FIFA15.



He wasn’t kidding. A guy in Norfolk, with the Twitter handle @TheeCMo, responded and Johnson showed up at his house that night.

At 7 p.m. @TheeCMo tweeted that Johnson had arrived and he posted a video: [protected-iframe id=”208ab1b3e02796df382ae6b27de9c591-67417865-16483882″ info=”” width=”356″ height=”600″]

At 9:30 p.m. C.Mo posted that the game was tied.

Johnson came to Norfolk to see his daughter compete in the AAU Junior Olympics at Norfolk State University.