Cindy Lackore Captures Hampton Roads in Glass

When you think of symbols to represent Hampton Roads, no doubt fish, mermaids, and other sea life come to mind. Virginia Beach resident Cindy Lackore sees them in glass.

Her Virginia Beach studio is smack dab in the middle of her home (who needs a dining room?) and is marked with gorgeous bundles of colored glass, photos and real-live inspiration of her delicate glass figures, and friendly cats observing the art.

Photos: Cindy Lackore’s Glass Art

You really can’t get more local than Cindy. Her first job was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg doing portraits. “We had to wear Earth Shoes. Look them up.” She said, remembering her uniform in the Old Country. “And we had to ask every person who walked by if they would like a portrait.”

Those portraits led to a lifetime of artistry. After studying art in Florida, she moved back to Hampton Roads with her husband and set up shop painting for commissions. One day, though, Cindy says she just “didn’t feel like painting anymore.”

So she took a class on glass work, bought her first torch, and was off to the races making her glass creations.

“I made thousands of mutants until I got better,” Cindy confessed. “I have boxes and boxes of mutants.”

Now that she’s on her 13th year doing glass sculpture, she has quite a collection of adorable figures ranging from the natural to the fantastic. My favorites? The honeybees. IMG_2488

If you want to check them out, she’ll be at the Honeybee Festival this Saturday at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. It’s her 5th year showing at the festival, and it’s one of her favorites. “You can learn anything you want to about bees!” She exclaimed, also noting that there are children’s activities, family events, and that it’s comfortable and fun.

Stop by and say hello if you’re in Norfolk this weekend! Support our beautiful gardens and local artists and food trucks while learning and loving our friendly neighborhood honeybees.

For more information on the Norfolk Botanical Garden, visit