Cool Things Local Breweries are Doing

Hampton Roads is home to plenty of breweries, and people from all areas sure do love to enjoy a craft beer.

These local businesses are often started by just a few guys and gals with passion and a good recipe. We love checking out their new releases and have a blast in their tasting rooms. We delight in seeing local brews on tap at our favorite restaurants and excitedly check and see which food trucks will be at which brewery on the weekends.

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love our local breweries, these local businesses are taking the opportunity to make a positive impact and embrace the community right back.

If fitness is your thing, the Smartmouth Brewed to Run combines two great passions: running and beer. The group meets the second Sunday of every month, and promises a 5k loop of varying speeds for runners and then an open tasting room for replenishing those carbs.

Running isn’t for everyone, and sometimes you just need a little Ohm. OConnor’s Poses and Pints promises Sunday morning bliss starting at 10:30 a.m. and lasting an hour. The class is donation based & all donations go to charity.

If you’re a supporter of our talented local artists, you need to check out Back Bay Brewing Songwriters Carousel. Local songwriters can show their stuff and beer-and-music-lovers can gather in Back Bay’s upstairs room to enjoy, well, music and beer.

The unpronounceable but very loved Coelacanth Brewing loves to highlight local artists the last Saturday of each month at their Beer is Art event. If you are interested in showcasing your artwork, contact

And you can give back to the community while enjoying a glass of suds at the Big Ugly Brewing Crocks for Kids event. The Infinity Circle of The King’s Daughters is hosting a “Crocks for Kids” food fundraiser. Various dishes will be available for $5 a bowl; all proceeds go toward Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters.

Do you know of a local brewery or ANY local business doing really cool things for the Hampton Roads communities? Let us know! Shoot us an email: