Country Boy GPS to Kings Dominion

I kept driving by, looking. I knew my son was wondering what were those tall colorful tracks that daddy never mentioned because he mentions everything else.

Yes, Kings Dominion. I hadn’t been there in years, and never as a parent. I figured I’m not getting any younger and these kids ain’t getting any slower, so we packed up the kids last weekend and took that ride up 64. At least we tried to go up interstate 64.

If you’re a Virginia country boy like me, traffic only gives you a reason to take the back roads and show off your “life before GPS” skills. So when we started slowing down around Fort Eustis Boulevard, I knew I had passed the exit for 17 north with false hope of a clear easy path to the Eiffel Tower and I had to think quick.

I jumped off exit 250, made a quick left and then a right on 60 west and I was on my way.

At first my wife gave me that look as if to say, “If you get us lost there’s gonna be a big fight in Williamsburg.” But we quickly [assed Busch Gardens and then a few minutes later we cruised by her favorite two spots in the world, Captain George’s and the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. I believe that ended up being a pleasant surprise. She now knows how to go shopping during rush hour with little to no traffic thanks to her awesome husband.

After that if you keep straight on 60 west it eventually turns into 30 west, which happens to drive you to the gate of Kings Dominion.

We got there it was an awesome 85 degree day. My son still needs to grow another inch to ride to the big kid rides but we rode the Tea Cups, the Choo Choo train and we had a real blast at the splash park. We ate $15 hot dogs, bought some flashing shiny things and rolled out.

Thankfully 95 and 64 were clear going home. My wife was glad also because she hates back roads at night. But thank God those back roads it got us there with my country boy GPS. It was a little slow but nothing like that parking lot I left at exit 250.