Dinner for Two

Photo Courtesy: Hampton Police Division

A sergeant with the Hampton Police Division who works an extra shift at an apartment complex is inspiring all of us with his good deed.

He’s met one young man at the complex that wants to be an officer himself one day.

One night the sergeant (who wanted to remain anonymous) asked the boy what he was having for dinner. When the boy responded he wasn’t sure, the sergeant went and bought the boy and his mom dinner.

According to the Hampton Police Division, the boy and his mom live in a “tougher neighborhood.” The mom works every day to provide for her son.

When the officer handed the kid the dinner, he said “You did this for me?” The officer responded, “Yes I did.” The little boy was filled with joy and said to the officer, “Give me five.”

Hampton Police said on their Facebook, “While this young man won’t remember this meal forever, he will surely remember the man in uniform who gave it to him and hopefully one day, aspire to be just like him.”