Driving Tips for Winter Weather

Hampton Roads sees snow pretty much every year… but not often enough to be really “good” at it. Sometimes it takes a little too long to get our roads cleared and our businesses back open, and that can make winter weather a frustrating, and sometimes dangerous, forecast.

Share these important driving tips, shared with us by Farmers Insurance, with your communities because this weekend it very well could be a big mess out there!

And remember… sometimes a weekend in is the best plan for family fun.

  • Replace Windshield Wipers: Blades should be changed out at least once a year to ensure you don’t get caught blind in a snowstorm.
  • Plan Ahead: If the weather calls for snow or sleet, it may be best to remain where you are, especially if your vehicle is in a covered parking area and safe from other potential hazards, like flooding or downed trees.
  • Check Your Braking Technique: Gradually pushing down on the brake instead of stomping on it may help reduce skidding on icy or wet roads. In general, drivers should also coast slowly toward a stoplight and brake gently, instead of accelerating toward it and braking at the last minute.
  • Watch Out For Post-Storm Dangers: After a snowstorm, potholes can fill with water, making them harder to see. Drivers should try to avoid potholes, if possible, which can cause serious vehicle damage.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Paint Job: When paint starts to crack, etch or chip off, it exposes the car’s body to moisture, which can start to rust and corrode the metal. Left untreated, rust can weaken the car’s body, eat holes in it and expose vital parts.
  • Safely Navigate Parking Lots: Use proper lanes while driving through a parking lot. Winter snow can pile up around objects like dividers, making them hard to see and easy to hit.
  • Top Off the Gas Tank: Keep your gas tank full during the winter. A full tank can help prevent you from getting stranded during a storm and will also keep the fuel line from freezing.

We’re keeping a careful eye on event cancellations and postponements this weekend. Check our list to see what has already been called off due to the winter forecast.