Fall in Love with Craft Beer at The Barrel Room

Food and drink trends come and go (although this bacon thing might endure) but Norfolk’s new Granby Street restaurant and craft beer offering, The Barrel Room, is in it for the long haul. Their mission: make Hampton Roads fall in love with beer.

“We love the challenge of introducing people to craft beer” says owner Angel Velazquez. Together with General Manager Mike Lindenmuth, Velazquez took free rein to geek out on beer offerings to bring Hampton Roads the very best.

“I hate to use the word fanatical…” Velazquez said of Lindenmuth’s quest for the perfect taps. “I want to cover as many beer styles as possible.” Lindenmuth clarified. “Each one will be a highly rated American craft beer.” He went on to explain that while the focus is on craft beers, diners and drinkers can find their old standards as well as try something new. “No pretension here” Velasquez says of The Barrel Room’s impressive line of taps. You can still get your Bud Light if that’s the kind of day you’ve had.

Besides the beer, the management team at The Barrel Room took special care to appeal to women. From little touches like river rocks in the ladies’ room sinks to purse hooks under the bar, The Barrel Room makes a noticeable effort to check that the ladies are enjoying themselves.

One offering I personally enjoyed was their radler, which is a beer and grapefruit soda drink. It made me think of summer and was light and delicious with a fairly low alcohol content; a great way to dip one’s toes into beer if you’re not a fan or take a break from hoppy IPAs.

While the focus is beer, there are other options. The cocktail menu has well-made staples and the experienced bartenders on staff pay special attention to quality.

The food menu is emerging but the burgers are great and while parking can be a problem on Granby street, you should definitely check out The Barrel Room and try something new.


437 Granby St.

Norfolk VA

(757) 625-2337

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