FitLab in Virginia Beach is Changing the Gym Game

There are many ways to stay in shape these days outside of going to a conventional gym. You can do yoga, pilates, cross fit, body pump, and so much more. If you are looking to get back into shape, or looking to change up the way you work out, there’s a gym now in Virginia Beach that combines all of those disciplines. FitLab is changing the way people think about working out, by offering small group classes and personalized training that focus on muscle activation and mobility.

The gym opened in September, and has been a lifetime dream of its founders, Ben and Jeannie Landis. In chasing their dream, Ben, who has always had a passion for fitness, left the corporate finance and marketing world, while Jeannie, a health and exercise science scholar, worked at various gyms as a coach during her career.

“We want to change the common misconceptions about working out and exercising, because there are a lot of them out there,” Ben said in a sit down with the two.

“Exercising can be just as harmful as it is good, if you are not taking the time to navigate your body and understand muscle weakness,” Jeannie said.

Located off of Great Neck Road, the two converted an old hardware and feed store into a 2,000 sq. ft. facility that has more of a “home” feel to it than a gym.

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“That was a very important element for us; we want people to walk in and feel at ease and not feel that stressful, sterile environment that some big box gyms can create,” Jeannie said.

The personalized experience is very important to Ben and Jeannie. If you are just starting out with FitLab that first step is to sit down with the two and discuss fitness goals, but also for all parties to get to know each other because chemistry is important. FitLab offers a free one week trail and then a six month contract; so you can fully see the effects of GMB training. Classes are available for all ages, including kids programs that have an “American Ninja” feel to them, and the two are working on putting together nutrition classes.

Photos: FitLab in Virginia Beach

Activities in GMB training include various combinations, intentions, and intensities of pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, hinging, rotating, inverting, and swinging. The gym includes ropes, monkey bars that go across the ceiling, stall bars, jump ropes, peg boards, rowing machines, kettlebells, free-weights, and so much more. Also showers are available as well for people who are catching a workout in the middle of their work day.

“Our focus community wise is to provide a gym that people can take a break from their day, get out of the office and get a good workout in. Great Neck is filled with a lot of great self-starters and we want to make working out convenient for them,” Ben said.

But FitLab is also about more than just working out. The gym hosts local business leaders for collaboration sessions, wine tastings with members, cornhole boards for hangout sessions, and Ben pointed out the basketball hoop he put up so on nice days everyone can get out and play some hoops.

“Exercising is about more than just losing weight or staying in shape, it’s a lifestyle enhancement where we want people to feel empowered and inspired,” Jeannie said.

“The pain of staying the same has to be the pain of wanting to change,” Ben added.

With members of the gym already saying they fell like they are back in touch with their bodies, FitLab’s future looks to be in great shape!