Friday Frights: The Ghost at the Old Cavalier

Every Friday until Halloween hrScene is sharing a spooky local ghost story.
This week’s story and photo come from our friend William Hazel at the Old Coast Guard Station at the Oceanfront. The picture is part of the Old Coast Guard Station’s collection, and it was taken by Bob Swanson. If you want to have a hauntingly fun time this October, stop by and get a Ghost Tour



The Ghost at the Cavalier

There are many, many ghost stories that come from the Old Cavalier Hotel.

One of the repeated tales is of Adolf Coors, the famous owner of Coors Beer. He frequented the hotel after it opened, and on June 5, 1929, the 83-year-old industrialist fell to his death from his sixth floor room.

Most historians agree it was a suicide, but some still speculate as to the real cause of his demise. In any case, during modern times, the famous man has often been seen.

Some people, when walking past the area where he landed, experience a horrifying sound behind them. Nothing is ever seen… just heard.

Some presume it’s the body of Coors hitting the ground. Some just say it’s the most disturbing sound they’ve ever heard. One has to wonder if the sound will resume once the construction on the historic structure is completed. What do you think?

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