Friday Frights: The Ghost of Cape Henry Lighthouse

Every Friday until Halloween hrScene is sharing a spooky local ghost story.
This week’s story comes from our friend William Hazel at the Old Coast Guard Station at the Oceanfront. If you want to have a hauntingly fun time this October, stop by and get a Ghost Tour

The Ghost of Cape Henry Lighthouse

A storm in 1872 was so violent that the Keeper of the Light was not able to get up to the lighthouse to light the then whale-oil lamp. A ship called the Hattie Bell was destroyed at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay, not able to see the passage to enter the safe harbor. It is said that the Keeper joined Life-Savers on the beach and jumped into the water to attempt to rescue the crew. The Keeper and the entire crew were lost that night.

Shortly thereafter, in 1881, the new Cape Henry Light House was built, with the old light being abandoned. There has never been a working light in the old Light House since. Yet, still, over the years, many mariners sailing towards the Chesapeake Bay will report seeing two lights burning at Cape Henry. The legend continues that the ghost of the old Keeper still lights his old lamp.

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