Friday Frights: The Man in the Watchtower

Every Friday until Halloween hrScene is sharing a spooky local ghost story.
This week’s story comes from our friend William Hazel at the Old Coast Guard Station at the Oceanfront. If you want to have a hauntingly fun time this October, stop by and get a Ghost Tour

The Man in the Watchtower

Ever since the Old Coast Guard Station opened as a Museum in 1981, dozens and dozens of sightings have occurred of a man or strange figure in the building’s Watchtower. Locals and visitors to Virginia Beach would call the police in the wee hours of the morning, saying there was a man in the Station’s tower. the police would arrive to investigate and nobody would be there.

So many calls were made through the years that the museum finally put up a cardboard cut-out of the Surfman John Sparrow to at least have an explanation.

Sparrow worked at the Life-Saving Station for many years, and paranormal investigators theorize that the figure is in fact the ghost of Surfman Sparrow still manning his watch.

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