From Norfolk, With Love

Peyton Pritchard (left) mentioned during her baseball game date on the show with Shep Rose (right) that she had gone to a Norfolk Tides game before.

Did you happen to watch Bravo’s new television series Relationshep? One of the stars of the show, Peyton Pritchard, was born and raised right here in Norfolk!

The show is a bit of a spinoff from Bravo’s Southern Charm series based in Charleston, S.C. Shep Rose, hence the name of the show,  is looking for “the one” and decided to have his friends play matchmaker for him across the country. He then chose several girls, Bachelor-style, he was interesting in getting to know better, including Pritchard, and invited them back to Charleston.

Peyton Pritchard (second from left) says she and the other girls from the show are still friends.

Pritchard was in Los Angeles when she met Rose. They had a mutual friend that decided to set them up. Initially, she laughed at the idea, but decided to give it a shot noting she always had a thing for Rose after watching him on Southern Charm.

She had moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of becoming a model after graduating from the University of Alabama. She studied Communications with a concentration in Advertising at Alabama. She’s also a Norfolk Collegiate alumna. Pritchard is currently back on the East Coast, stating the modeling lifestyle was not for her.

When she first starting filming for the show, she was nervous and hoped she would get along with the other girls. Watching the show back as it aired on television, Pritchard says she cringes and wished the editors hadn’t portrayed her in the way that they did.

“When people watch reality TV they have to take everything with a grain of salt because the looks we give and even the things we say can be cut to come across completely different,” said Pritchard.

However, she does have a few favorite memories from the experience, including her and Rose’s first date on the show and getting to explore the city of Charleston. At the end of the show, she didn’t end up with Rose, but she’s still friends with him, as well as the other girls.

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