Get Started on your New Year’s Resolutions here in Hampton Roads

Whether you are an avid annual resolution-setter or are just cleaning up after the holidays, we can all agree that January is a great time for a fresh start and to set some good habits.

Here are some ways you can meet your resolution goals or start healthy habits for the New Year right here in Hampton Roads.



1) Lose Weight

There’s nothing like getting outside to get moving and to get your heart rate up. Hampton Roads is a wonderful area to live in if you love a good hike and gorgeous scenery. Lucky for fitness newbies, our land is pretty flat so beginners don’t have to worry about overexerting themselves and pros can just go more often or on longer routes! Click here for our guide to Hampton Roads hiking.

2) Save money

I’m a big reader, so book stores get a lot of my money. In 2016, I’m replacing that with the library. Our local Hampton Roads libraries are a wealth of entertainment for the whole family from books to movies to music and even video games in some branches! Instead of an online or mail movie subscription, try checking movies out of the library. Click your city below to find your local library.



James City County/Williamsburg

Newport News




Virginia Beach

3) Spend more time with family

Get out the hats and coats and take the kids to a playground! They’re free, they’re fun, and Hampton Roads has a lot of great ones. Being active with your family can burn some extra calories, too (see #1!)

4) Learn something new

There are resources all over the place for education and continuing education in Hampton Roads and some of our greatest resources are our local museums. The best news is, they’re in all of our cities. Click here for your guide to local museums!

5) Be less stressed

Make a resolution to improve your work/life balance. Maximize your off time and blow off some steam during your days off. There are always a ton of things going on in Hampton Roads. Click here to visit our events calendar!

Happy New Year, Hampton Roads!