Gingersnap the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Returns to the Wild

Courtesy: Virginia Living Museum, Facebook

Welcome back to the wild, Gingersnap!

The Virginia Living Museum (VLM) released the 35 pound, loggerhead sea turtle back into the Gulf Stream, approximately 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina, on Wednesday.

Courtesy: Virginia Living Museum

She was brought to the VLM in June as a straggler hatchling, weighing only 15 pounds. The community voted on her name in August and Gingersnap, obviously, was the winner.

“Gingersnap is a favorite of both our guests and staff, her well-being is our main goal. We celebrate her release and know that her aggressive survivor mentality will serve her well in the wild,” said Conservation Director, Chris Crippen via press release.

The VLM says supporters of the annual Otter Ball Conservation Gala are what help raise funds for their conservation efforts that promote education and focus on animal ambassadors like Gingersnap.


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