Girls on the Run Hold 5K

Girls on the Run bounced back in a big way Sunday. 10 On Your Side first reported late last month that someone stole thousands of dollars’ worth of cash, gift cards, and merchandise from the nonprofit’s Virginia Beach office.

But that didn’t stop organizers or girls from making today’s celebration 5K a huge event.

Photos: Girls on the Run 5K

Girls on the Run executive director Ellen Carver wouldn’t let anything stop that – not even a burglary.

“We got robbed, that is so two weeks ago,” said Carver. “We’re moving onward and upward, we’ve had very generous contributions from perfect strangers who have no connection to this program.”

Ellen’s attitude helps teach hundreds of girls in Hampton Roads a valuable lesson.

“Girls on the run is all about triumph and moving forward,” said Carver. “We don’t worry about what mistakes or what set us back yesterday. We just look forward to the finish life and try to go for it and have fun.”

Margeurita Wilson can see her 12-year-old daughter learning those lessons.

“Having this goal helps in school as well, because she doesn’t want to fail, she doesn’t want to do anything that’s going to get her kicked off the team,” said Wilson.

Her daughter Mauryona has goals on the track as well.

“Every time I train, I get more and more faster,” said Mauryona. “To reach my goal.”

Now that she’s reached that goal of running a 5K, Mauryona’s mom sees a big change.

“Girls on the run has given my daughter more confident she’s not as shy as she used to be,” said Wilson. “She’s more outspoken, she even talks to me more. I know more of what’s going on in school.”

“It’s mostly about having fun, to always try your best and stay at your own speed,” said Mauryona.

No matter what the speed – these girls accomplished something great today.

“It’s measurable when they cross that finish line with that big smile on their face,” said Carver.