God Bless the USA!

“Aaaah!” That describes how I’m feeling right now. Whoever said holidays are for resting obviously has no family or friends and must not live anywhere near Hampton Roads. I had so much fun this weekend that I’m exhausted.

Memorial Day weekend: It’s one holiday that has a special place in my heart. I spent my entire six years in the United States Air Force career working as a Diagnostic Radiology Tech. My buddies and I dedicated our whole career to working to save our service members.FullSizeRender-6

We have seen with our own eyes brothers give their life for this country. Every year for this holiday I eat plenty of good food and tell some awesome stories about my military days.

First of all, I love having a house full of people. My wife’s parents came down. I don’t know about anybody else’s kids but mine go crazy when granddaddy comes to town. I must admit I love it too. I know we’re gonna laugh, eat and shop.

Can you say Umoja? Good! Me either until this weekend. When my mother-in-law found out Grammy Winner and Gospel great Vickie Winans was going to be there, we found ourselves in Olde Town Portsmouth at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion eating giant turkey legs at the Umoja Festival. Umoja, by the way, means unity and love. Now I believe we can add funnel cake and crab cakes to that definition because they were awesome.

We had such a good time singing along to a few gospel classics and seeing my son dance and amuse the crowd was probably the highlight of my night. He loves the stage time; a chip off the old block.

My wife closed the weekend by catching all the sales. She bought swim trunks and bathing suits for the babies because the pool opened this week, too.
So now the weekend is over. I’m just sitting at home cruising through Facebook looking at all of the kind words and all the BBQ’s dedicated to our service members that we have lost but will never forget. God Bless the USA!!!



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