Hampton Roads Locals Reach for the Stars in “I Got This”

Have you ever watched a reality show and thought, “If only I had that help, I could achieve anything?”

Six Hampton Roads residents are getting that very opportunity, and the best part is the help they are receiving to achieve their dreams isn’t coming from Donald Trump or a Shark Tank. The mentors are other Hampton Roads residents.

“We were shooting for original, positive, local reality,” says Stephanie Cooke, Executive Producer of Fox 43’s newest reality show titled, “I Got This.” The premise of the show is a simple one: find local people who already have a big dream and follow them as they try to achieve it in Hampton Roads.

Viewers will see local hot spots, their neighbors, favorite businesses and friends as they watch these amazing stories unfold.

Along with the cheering, support, and hard work you’ll also see some fireworks. According to Cooke, “When you throw six people together there will be differences of opinion and drama- we have plenty of that starting with episode one.” The cast was assembled to support each other on their journeys, but occasionally they butt heads. Cooke explains, “There was more than one alpha in the pack. When they come together there are sparks.”

There is drama, there is victory, and best of all “I Got This” happens in our back yard.

To meet the cast, see bios, web extras, and catch episodes of the show after they air, click here to visit Fox43tv.com. 

You can catch “I Got This” Mondays at 7:30 on Fox 43 starting next Monday the 28th.