Far Far Away…

Well Norfolk, it’s been fun but it’s time to move on. The food was great, the view from my apartment was beautiful but like all good things it has come to an end.

I loved everything about living in Norfolk from A.W. Shucks Seafood in Ghent where the Crab Cake will make anyone scream “Ahh shucks!” to my ghetto Walmart on Tidewater Drive or The World Famous Doumar’s that invented and still uses the very first waffle cone maker. Now the cone is doable but if I eat anything with milk you may need to close the Downtown tunnel so no one can get near me.

Ok, let me stop lying and acting like I loved everything about Norfolk. Take for instance I do love that most McDonald’s carry strawberry soda but unfortunately that will go along with cold fries and the wrong sandwich, that’s if they even put a sandwich in the bag. And please don’t get me started about trying to get out town anytime after 2:30 pm. The HRBT, Midtown and Downtown Tunnels and I’m pretty sure groundhog, rabbit and whatever else that makes a tunnel will be jammed packed trust me.

So with some memories good and some bad I regret to inform we must leave Norfolk, Virginia. I’m sure we won’t see any of my friends in my new homeland. For in lightyears, it’s in a far far away land. There will be no waffle cones or strawberry soda, but I will gladly trade them for the tunnel traffic anytime.
This new place I speak of across the blue water is filled with fun things like great restaurants, shopping and the occasional NBA or NFL football player sighting.

Hampton here we come. Yes, we’re moving to the Peninsula. which my Norfolk friends refer to as “Way over there.” It’s twelve miles man!!! But when you’re separated by the HRBT you might as well be in California.

I’m excited for the change and I can’t wait to hangout at the Town Center with Target, Macy’s and 5 Guys Burgers. The Hampton Jazz Festival featuring Jennifer Hudson and Frankie Beverly is practically walking distance now. Plus Newport News is building a “Cheesecake Factory” which makes everything good in my universe…

So to all my friends who think I live in a far far away land come see some great stuff Hampton has to offer and stop by my house…But call first.


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