Hampton’s Lindsay Middle School Collected 1636+ Books for Donation

It’s called the Reading Quest 1636 project, and it’s a school-wide effort by the students at Lindsay Middle School to collect at least 1,636 books to support literacy both at the school and in the greater community.

Why 1636, you ask? The address for Lindsay Middle School is 1636 Briarfield Road in Hampton. And best yet, they surpassed their goal with 2406 books!

The goal of the project was to bring attention to the importance of literacy and to embrace the joy of Books 3 and Studentsreading. The collected books will be donated to local homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, daycare facilities, families, and overseas. The entire school participated, including students and staff.

The Reading Quest 1636 Project was coordinated by Ms. Romona Jackson, Hampton City School’s 2015 Division Teacher of the Year and Middle School Teacher of the Year; Ms. Emily Dillard, special educator; and, Mrs. Charnita Clements, Family Engagement Specialist. Mrs. Angela Byrd-Wright, a product of Lindsay Middle School, serves as the building principal.

Great job, students! What a wonderful example to set for the Hampton Roads community.