Handle History at the Mariner’s Museum

It can be hard to teach your kids history. On Saturday at the Mariner’s Museum, they’re making it easy by putting it in your kid’s hands. Literally.

The public is invited to put on a pair of gloves and handle objects recovered from the USS Monitor, the first ironclad warship famous for the Battle of Hampton Roads. You and your children have undoubtedly run across this ship in your history classes, but actually holding an object that was once 240 feet under the ocean really changes your perspective.

“Different objects tell the stories.” Says Dave Krop, the USS Monitor Center Director. “Visitors can experience a human story and really connect with history.”

In addition to handling the historical artifacts, you can actually talk to the historians and restoration experts and find out how the objects were uncovered and treated. Who knows, maybe you can help the historians figure out the story!

You really can’t miss this amazing opportunity to get your hands on history.

The Mariner’s Museum is located at 100 Museum Dr in Newport News. For more information, check out their website!