‘#HashtagLunchBag’ Initiative Helps Locals

#HashtagLunchbag is the perfect example of how a small group of people can have a large impact on individuals around them!

The initiative was originally brought about in late 2012, when a group of Los Angeles friends were struggling to find a meaningful way to give back. After a few failed attempts, they took it upon themselves to create their own giving experience!

“We went to our local grocery store and bought enough food to prepare 100 lunches … We exchanged pleasantries while handing over our creations. We acknowledged their humanity, as well as our own. When we were done, we felt awesome and wanted to share with our friends! So we did,” says #HashtagLunchbag about how they started the movement. There was no way for them to know that their program would spread like wildfire.

#HashtagLunchbag has now made it’s way to Hampton Roads for the first time. East Carolina Creative and Nomarama teamed on Saturday, July 14, to host a successful #HashtagLunchbag event at Maggie McFly’s in Lynnhaven Mall. The event welcomed community volunteers to help make bag lunches to pass out to those in need in the Virginia Beach community.

Kenae Frazier / Madison Pearman