Homecoming Lei Adorns Battleship Wisconsin

Courtesy: Nauticus

If you happen to travel by the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus this week, check out the giant homecoming lei on the bow of the ship.

Nauticus says the 70-foot-long lei is celebration of the 30th anniversary reunion of the USS Wisconsin Association, which brings together three generations of battleship sailors.

Homecoming leis are a U.S. Navy tradition, Nauticus says. This is the first homecoming lei to be placed on the ship since it came to Nauticus in the year 2000. The lei was constructed by 20 active-duty volunteers over the course of five days.

“We recognize what this battleship means to its former crew members,” said Stephen E. Kirkland, Nauticus executive director in a press release. “Make no mistake, this is their ship. This was our way of saying ‘Welcome Home.’”

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