Hunting for Turtle Nests in Virginia Beach

The Virginia Aquarium is looking for sea turtle nests, and you can help!

The Aquarium’s sea turtle nesting monitoring program brings trained volunteers and aquarium staff to the beach every morning to search for nests and sea turtle activity. If they find one, it’ll be marked and monitored until it hatches.

Photos: Va. Beach Turtle Hunt with the Virginia Aquarium

Team members will conduct nesting surveys on City-owned beaches, including the resort area and Croatan. The surveys started May 25 and will continue through the summer.

IMG_1594Sea turtles typically nest between May and August. Virginia Beach has been home to 111 nests since 1970. The nests have been from three species of turtles: loggerheads, greens, and Kemp’s ridleys. Last year, two nests were identified and monitored.

How You Can Help
  • Watch out for posted signs and areas of protection.
  • If you see what you suspect is turtle activity, please call the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team’s 24-hour hotline at 757-385-7575.
  • If you see beach litter, place it into an appropriate trash can.
  • Reconsider balloon releases; deflated balloons and strings often wind up in the ocean and can kill turtles.
  • Avoid leaving chairs, bags, umbrellas, or any other beach gear overnight.

    Holes like this can cause sea turtles to get stranded. Fill them in before you leave for the day!
  • Fill in any holes you may dig. Holes can cause turtles and hatchlings to be stranded.
  • If you fish on a pier and snag a turtle, use nets and call the Aquarium to help.
  • Keep low light on the beach at night. Light can disorient adult turtles and attract hatchlings.
  • Volunteer with the Aquarium! Click here for details.