Introducing Pecha Kucha to Norfolk

We’ve all had thoughts or great ideas and it occurred to us, “if only I could share that with the masses! It would change so much!”

With Pecha Kucha you have that opportunity. It’s basically like speed dating for speeches; you get 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to share your story, opinion, idea, or observation. Organizers Celina Santana and Hector Santana Rodriguez told me that anything goes. Watch their interview:

Hundreds of cities have already held events like this, and now it’s Norfolk’s turn. On Thursday, May 26th at 5 p.m., the doors to Work|Release in the NEON district will open for this FREE event. Presentations will include everything from fiction to the wonders of Puerto Rico to the tenants of Buddhism.

Hopefully, after this first night, Pecha Kucha events will continue quarterly in Hampton Roads. For the inaugural event, however, Norfolk’s arts district was perfect. “I live in Downtown Norfolk and came to Work|Release for another event. It just seemed that this area is grass roots and has a lot of creativity going on, and that’s what Pecha Kucha is all about. Just getting folks from different walks of life,” said Santana.

Pecha Kucha night is sponsored by The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk.  Executive Director of the Muse Writers Center Michael Khandelwal says, “This unique presentation combines a unique storytelling format with visual art. It’s a perfect collaboration for us, as we are a writers’ center. It’s going to be an exciting event! It’s great to see people merging their words with images. It’s a unique format for storytelling, and not just storytelling as well as nonfiction and other forms of writing. The great thing about Pecha Kucha is that it could be a mini TED talk, which is a great examples of what writers do!”

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