K-9 Diva

Photo Courtesy: Newport News Police Department

This dog is a true diva! The newest member of the Newport News Police Department‘s K9 Unit is their first female patrol dog.

K-9 Diva joined the team on April 19, according to the NNPD’s Facebook. She is a 15-month-old Belgian Malinois.

Diva will be working alongside Officer Nicholas Jefferson. She is the replacement his previous partner, K-9 Kane, who was recently diagnosed with an injury that would prevent him from being able to perform his duties as a patrol dog.

NNPD K-9 Unit Supervisor Michael Covey says the name “Diva” was given to her by the breeder. Often handlers rename patrol dogs after they’ve selected them, but the name Diva stuck.

Female patrol dogs aren’t as common as male patrol dogs, which Covey tells hrScene could be due to several reasons, including the fact that the U.S. demand is higher for male dogs. Female dogs are more often sold to law enforcement and military units for single purpose detection like drugs or bombs.

The NNPD did not let the fact that Diva was a female affect their selection. Covey says their department has had female dogs before for things like drug detection and bomb detection. But Diva’s attitude and bite fit exactly what they were looking for in a new patrol dog.

Covey says if anyone in their unit talks smack about the “girl dog,” they’ll have to put on the bite suit and take a full-speed, downfield bite from her. Sounds fair to us!