Keeping Kids Busy- Hampton Roads Style

Lord Jesus help me, Mom’s out of town until Tuesday.

Yeah, I keep them all day everyday but it’s different when Mom ain’t coming for second shift. At one point today I think the kids and I almost saw Mom come through the door like a mirage of water in the middle of the desert.

My wife had this trip planned for a month and it still seemed to sneak up on me. I was running out of diapers, milk and popsicles. I don’t know if you have kids and have ever run out of any of those items, but you will finally understand the phrase, “All Hell Broke Loose” if you have. Let me tell you; screaming babies are never good, but anything that is covered in poo poo outside of the diaper could possibly be catastrophic.

When she called and said, “I landed safely!” it sank in. I felt like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, and knew I needed a plan, and I needed one fast.

I looked at my kids in the backseat and thought “I’m gonna let you little jokers run until you fall asleep for the next three days.”

We started our three day fun train at Buckroe Beach with the Groovin’ by the Bay concert series. This group called “The Janitors” was awesome as we cruised the pier with TT’s basketball taking on all challengers. Then the DJ came on and played every line dance you could think of from the Wobble to the Cupid Shuffle. We ended with a few minutes on the swing and a trip to the ice cream truck.

It ended as planned. Both of them sleep before I made it to Interstate 64.

I can’t lie, Monday, day two, was my favorite. We got up that morning and FaceTimed with Mommie and then we didn’t waste any time. We ate a little breakfast, loaded up the car and went to our favorite spot, “The Kids Cove” at Mount Trashmore for a quick visit on the swings and then Daddy had to get his two laps on the beautiful trails which occupied our morning.

The afternoon was the special treat that I had planned.

The Children’s Museum of Virginia.

And let me tell you, it was awesome. My son was frozen in his tracks when he walked in and saw the Tug Boat and life-sized Hampton Roads Transit Bus that was just waiting for him to drive. They had such a good time with everything I can’t say what their favorite exhibit was.IMG_2308

Whether it was the tiny grocery store, the Lego house that stood tall enough for my son to walk in with room to play or the padded couches full of Dinosaur Eggs that TT dove head first into, we had a ball.

But more importantly my plan worked again. We played until about 4:30 p.m., fought the traffic back through the tunnel to Hampton, ate dinner, I gave them baths and then went straight to sleep with no major meltdowns. I win!

So now it’s Tuesday, by the time I make some turkey bacon and we hit the YMCA, let a few water buckets dump on our heads in the splash park,mom’s plane will be on the ground.

Now that we made it, I can honestly say we didn’t plan ahead but now we know what to do next time Mom ain’t home!



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