Kitten Crashes Family’s Beach Vacation

A mischievous kitten recently made himself a plus one on his family’s vacation to the Outer Banks.

Buddy, a three-month-old kitten, stowed himself away in his owners’ car before they left for a trip to the beach, traveling five hours from Northern Virginia. The only problem is his family had no idea he was tagging along.

According to John Graves, director of the Outer Banks SPCA, Buddy’s family checked into their hotel the night before he was found. A woman found him purring early in the morning in the hotel parking lot and took him to the SPCA, where they scanned him for a microchip.

Outer Banks SPCA Director John Graves with Buddy. (Photo courtesy Outer Banks SPCA)

“This particular kitten came in with a microchip, which was a surprise in itself to see with such a young stray kitty,” said the SPCA in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

After scanning the kitten, they found the company Buddy is registered with, 24Petwatch. The company left a message with his family, who then called the SPCA to retrieve their little stowaway.

Buddy’s family adopted him from a Peninsula Animal Shelter and was shocked to find out that he had gone unnoticed the entire time.

“Most likely they were loading and unloading their car and he jumped into the car,” said Graves.

The SPCA called the tale a “testament to microchipping” and their director appreciated Buddy’s help in the office that day.

“He sat on my shoulder for 15 or 20 minutes while I was tracking down the owners,” Graves told hrScene.

While we’re not sure if Buddy is leaving paw prints in the sand these days, he has been returned to his family and can safely and happily enjoy his vacation.

Pet lovers who want to adopt kittens like Buddy can check out the Outer Banks SPCA’s Kitten Palooza on Sunday, July 9 and Monday, July 10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Adoptions are free and include spaying and neutering procedures, as well as vaccines and microchips so owners can be reunited with their furry friends if they decide to take a road trip like Buddy!

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