Cards from ‘Santa’s Desk’ Bring Holiday Happiness

Two little girls from Virginia Beach received these magical letters from ‘Santa’s Desk.’ (Photo courtesy: Crystal Colohan)

One Virginia Beach family got a spectacular surprise in the mail on Wednesday. Six-year-old, twin sisters, Keegan and Kinley, wrote special letters to Santa in envelopes addressed to the North Pole with pretend stamps. They placed them in their mailbox one evening and hoped they would find their way to Santa’s workshop.

Twin sisters, Keegan and Kinley, made letters to send to Santa and received something magical in return. (Photo courtesy: Crystal Colohan)

A couple days later they received handwritten letters from “Santa’s Desk” with the return address as “Peppermint Way, North Pole.” The envelopes were filled with glitter, a candy cane and festive stickers. The letters stated Santa had received their lists and wished them a “Merry Christmas.”

The twins’ mother, Crystal Colohan, said she was almost brought to tears by the act of kindness and Christmas magic they had experienced. “Whomever did this, we may have the most special mail carrier ever…,” said Colohan.