Liberty and Justice are Hanging up Their Collars

Courtesy: Colonial Williamsburg, Facebook

Liberty and Justice are retiring…but it’s not what you may think.

Those are the names of the two Briard dog siblings that have served as the official mascots of Colonial Williamsburg for three years.

The foundation says the two dogs will retire later this year and now is the time to go visit them on the streets of the historic area before they hang up their collars.

The dogs are both three years old and are in optimum health, according the foundation’s website. The decision to retire the dogs was based on several factors, the foundation says, including the changes in the dogs’ longtime care and boarding provider.

Colonial Williamsburg will return the dogs to their certified breeder, who will then be responsible for choosing a new home for them. The foundation said they do not plan to adopt new mascots at this time.

Liberty and Justice came to Colonial Williamsburg in 2015. If you’re wondering why they chose Briard dogs, it’s because of the breed’s rich history.

According to their website, Briards descended from the sheepdogs of medieval France. It is believed Thomas Jefferson was the first to introduce the breed to the Americas.


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