Local Cabs to Offer Pokemon Go Service

Are you just too far away from your Pokestops? Do you want to see if you can catch ’em all in Hampton, but you live in Norfolk? Are you sick of the Pidgeys and Ratatas in your neighborhood? Is your dog or significant other refusing to go on ANOTHER Pokewalk? Is it just too hot?

Well you’re in luck!

Pokemon Go cab service is launching Monday, July 18. Pokémon Go taxis will be $25 per hour, then $15 for extra half hours. No word yet if they’ll keep the speed under 20 mph for you to hatch your eggs.




The following cab companies are participating:

Black and White Cabs

Norfolk Checker

Yellow Cab on the Peninsula and Norfolk

Keep the following Pokemon Go safety tips in mind at all times:

  • DO NOT Pokemon Go and drive yourself. It’s distracted driving and it’s dangerous!
  • Always use the buddy system
  • Stay in well-lit areas that you are comfortable with
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Look where you’re going
  • Do not trespass
  • Watch your battery life- if your phone is dead from catching Pokemon then it’s can’t be a resource in emergencies.

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