Local Dog to Compete in Thanksgiving National Dog Show

If you stay tuned to WAVY after the Thanksgiving Day Parade, you’ll catch local dog Oblio strutting his handsome stuff in the National Dog Show.

Oblio is a South African Boerboel, a newly recognized breed, and he’s 16 months old. The show was taped earlier this month in Philadelphia. “When we were in Philly, Oblio must have kissed 500 people and done just as many selfies,” brags owner Eileen Weatherbee. Oblio is the first Bred by Exhibitor Owner Handled Champion Boerboel in the United States.

Both Oblio and his owner/handler are from Chesapeake. Next month they’re going to the prestigious Eukanuba classic, and Oblio got a special invitation to the famous Westminster Dog Show in February. GCH15mthsOblio_IMG_0975

Congratulations and good luck, Oblio and Eileen!