McDonald Garden Center’s Participating in “National Pollinator Week”

Photo Courtesy: McDonald Garden Center

From June 18 to June 24,  people all over the United States will participate in “”National Pollinator Week” to celebrate pollinators and spread the word on how to protect their declining population.

The McDonald Garden Centers will have events to get the community involved in promoting healthy pollinator populations. Both year-round garden center locations, and some of the seasonal pop-ups, will be hosting experiences and having sales all surrounding the special occasion.

Here are some of their special features for this week:

  • A Butterfly Tent and Honey Bee Observation Hive Exhibit can be found June 21 – 23 at the McDonald Garden Center on Independence Boulevard from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Customers can carry home Caterpillar Cabanas Kits with all the needs to grow and release there very own butterfly. You can find these at the Independence Boulevard and Great Neck Road locations, as well as Bennett’s, Cedar and Colony Garden Market locations.
  • Monarch chrysalis is available for purchase to take home and observe the four, distinct stages of metamorphosis. These are available at the Independence Boulevard and Great Neck Road locations and Garden Market locations.

For more information on “National Pollinator Week” and specific event details you can visit the McDonald Garden Center Facebook page here.