New Cancer Institute to be Built in Suffolk

Struggling with cancer can be devastating, but today Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System will break ground for a new cancer institute that will help Hampton Roads patients seek recovery closer to home.

It will be called Bon Secours Harbour View Medical Plaza.

The center will be 58,000 square-feet, which reflects a $20 million investment and is scheduled to open in Fall 2016.  The new Bon Secours Cancer Institute will house cancer patient care needs with the ability to make diagnoses, provide outpatient treatment and offer follow up care.

“We are honored to celebrate the groundbreaking for Bon Secours Hampton Roads Healthsystem’s Harbour View Medical Plaza,” said Suffolk Mayor Linda T. Johnson.  “As we are all aware, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer can be life-changing, and the need to travel for treatment can be an extra challenge for many people and their loved ones.  It is gratifying to know that Bon Secours’ strategic location in Harbour View will have this level of medical expertise in the center of our region.  The new Bon Secours Cancer Institute at Harbour View creates an innovative and collaborate environment for the experts and the families they are helping. We look forward to working together on this new opportunity and to continue to build something so important in our great city.”