New Chrysler Museum exhibit explores Japanese art

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A new exhibit at the Chrysler Museum of Art explores the culture of our sister city in Japan. hrScene got a sneak peek of the “Gifts of Japan” exhibit, which opened Tuesday night.

In 1959, Norfolk formed a partnership with Kitakyushu, a city on the southern most part of the island.

Photos: Gifts from Japan exhibit at the Chrysler

Most of the art is detailed woodblock prints, a modern art form that’s been around since the 1920’s. The exhibit curator said he actually stumbled on the works while looking for something else.

“This is a collection that I found as I was searching for other things, and I found that we had never done this before. We never put this on view at the Chrysler Museum,” he said.

The prints were gifts from the people of Japan.