A New Ride is Sliding into Ocean Breeze Waterpark!

Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia Beach is bringing a new adventure to the Summer of 2018.

A patriotic red, white and blue raft ride will target thrill seekers with a platform that towers 70 feet high. The conveyor lift to the starting point will build excitement for riders, but there is no need to fear going alone since the ride will feature four-person tubes. Bring friends and family to experience the fun as a group.

The slide will be exhilarating, blasting riders through tunnels – flipping and throwing them into tangles and turns. The park says the raft will shoot through dark, enclosed tubes with the surprise of breathtaking drops.

The American military spirit will be captured in this star-spangled slide. The colors are decided but the actual design and name of the ride are still in the works. Stay on your toes for announcements on this expansions progress.