New Year, New You with Norfolk’s Brix Fitness

The New Year brings new changes we would all like to see, these are also known as New Year’s Resolutions. Getting in shape and fitness is almost always at the top of most lists.

Norfolk’s Rob Glover is a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. But fitness was not always a part of the man known as “Brix.” Years ago, Brix found himself very unhappy with the way his health was going. He was overweight, dealing with weight-related health issues and had zero confidence in himself.

But one day, after losing a friend from weight-related health issues, Brix was fed up with himself he made a pledge to change his way of life. His journey through fitness completely changed, and saved, his life. This change also lead him on a path to wanting to help others dealing with the same issues.

Brix’s journey has been noted on his social media and has turned him into one of Norfolk’s most popular social media stars with over 30,000 followers across his platforms.

If you are interested in Brix’s realistic, tailor-made, personal approach you reach out to him in several ways.