New Year’s Resolutions for Hampton Roads College Students

So you thrived, or at least survived, this fall semester. Now that you’re safely recovering on the couch at home, it’s time to start getting in gear for the final stretch before summer break (or adulthood, for any lucky seniors out there). It’s time for some New Year’s resolutions to help you succeed in the springtime.



+ Read: This one sounds pretty stupid at first. Obviously you’re going to be reading. You’re a college student, after all. But when is the last time you really read something deeply? When you’re breezing through 70 pages of assigned reading for class, are you really digesting all of it? Or are you just trying to stay awake and take decent notes that you’ll later flush out of your mind? Make time to read for pleasure. You don’t have to crack open War and Peace or anything. Read a short story, an interesting article, a guilty pleasure novel that you picked up an airport. Reading beyond your skill set keeps your mind sharp. Plus, it’s so relaxing.

+ Taking care of business and networking overtime: If your school has a career center, become best friends with the people there. If you haven’t gotten something lined up for the summer yet, now’s the season to trawl your networks. Online job databases only go so far. Networking can be terrifying; it basically involves meeting impressive strangers and humble-bragging to them. However, it’s a necessary evil. You are infinitely more likely to get opportunities from people you actually meet than some anonymous submission over the Internet. So tap into alumni networks and see if your family knows any well-connected people in the field you’re interested in. If you don’t land anything “prestigious”, don’t sweat it, though. Just be prepared to spin summer gig into something that sounds relatively interesting—or at least amusing— in your future interviews.

+ Escape from the library: The Peninsula is a wonderful place to go to college. Get out and enjoy it once and a while. Obviously don’t shirk your schoolwork or responsibilities, but do make sure break out of the dreaded class-food-library-sleep cycle once in a while. School is important, but you don’t want to look back on your college days and only be able to picture your typical library study spot. Spend time with your friends. Become a tourist for a day and go sightseeing. If you like to live dangerously, aim for doing something that would make a wacky anecdote without leading to jail time. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the moments that’ll stay with you long after you graduate.

I’m probably getting a bit ahead of myself with all this talk of spring. For now, enjoy your winter break and have a happy and safe New Year!