Norfolk Botanical Garden Goes to the Dogs and Bikes

It’s a great time to get those feet, pedals, and paws moving with plenty to see and smell this time of year at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. The NBG is now allowing members to walk their dogs, or ride their bikes, on the garden’s 12 miles of pathways.

The special goes through February 28 and is for normal garden hours. For members, dogs are FREE and for non-members dogs are $5 with garden admission.

If you are interested in a membership, visit the garden’s website for more information.


Guidelines for Dogs

  • For the safety of all of our human and furry guests, all dogs must be on a leash.
  • Please remember to bring a few doggie waste bags to pick up after your furry companion. If you forget, we have bags at the tollbooth, front desk, and bag stations in the Garden.
  • Please be mindful of our garden beds. We have 12 miles of paved pathways throughout the Garden for you and FIDO to explore – everywhere except WOW: A Children’s Adventure Garden.

Rules for Bike Riding

  • Children under 16 must ride with a parent or adult.
  • Bike riders under 14 must wear helmets. (City Code Section 25-388)
  • Please yield to pedestrians and trams. Watch your speed – there may be blind curves and a pedestrian may be around the corner.
  • If you meet a tram or other vehicle, please stop or slow down and move to the side of the path. Trams cannot back up.
  • Bike riders are welcome on all paved paths throughout the Garden, except on the berm path going up to the airport overlook, and WOW: A Children’s Adventure Garden.
  • Please, no scooters, skates, skateboards, or hoverboards.