Rare Pigeon Hatches at Virginia Zoo

Photo courtesy: Virginia Zoo

Welcome to the world pigeon! That’s probably something you never thought you would read, but this isn’t just any old pigeon.

The Virginia Zoo happily celebrated the hatching of a Victoria Crowned pigeon chick in December. This species is the largest pigeon species in the world!

It’s the first successful hatching of this species at the zoo since they acquired the pigeon’s parents back in 2013.

Victoria Crowned pigeons are known for their deep blue-grey color with a prominent, white-tipped crest. They can grow up to 30 inches in height and weigh close to five pounds.

The Virginia Zoo says this species of pigeon is the most similar to the Dodo bird, which went extinct in the late 1600s. The unique species can be found in New Guinea and the surrounding islands.

You can check out the precious pigeon this summer in the Asia Aviaries section of the zoo.