Norfolk Inmates Give Back While Being Locked Up

In early November, Sheriff Bob McCabe and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office programs staff organized this first-of-its-kind program in Hampton Roads.

Nearly a dozen inmates voluntarily signed up for the class, where they are currently learning how to knit hats that will be donated to people inside of local homeless centers with winter just around the corner.

The most innovative part about this new program is that there are no needles or sharp objects needed!

An enthusiastic volunteer who teaches the class showed the inmates a way where the hats are able to be created using just yarn and a plastic loop with spokes.

Since the start of the program, the inmates have told us the knitting process has helped alleviate stress, eliminate male/female stereotypes, and has given them a sense of accomplishment.

“This is a good thing. We’ve been given an opportunity to help those less fortunate,” an inmate who’s participating in the program said.

We’ve had a lot of community support generated from this program. 4.7 thousand people have viewed our short clip online thus far. You can watch a preview of the first class yourself by visiting the Norfolk, VA Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

This is just one of several programs the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has started over the past several months, as the staff and community interest level in volunteering continues to grow.

Sheriff Bob McCabe is not required to offer programs for inmates. Most sheriffs don’t make the effort.
However, McCabe knows that these low-level, non-violent offenders are going to be released back into our community within a few months.

McCabe believes it makes sense to help inmates rise above so that they can contribute to society. Instead of ending up in jail again on the taxpayer’s dime, McCabe’s hope is these men will become productive, taxpayers who lead more fulfilling lives.