Norfolk is the Model of Resiliency

The City of Norfolk is a model of resilience. Through four centuries the city has withstood disruptions, weathered storms, and survived wars and pandemics; time and time again it has come back stronger.

Today Norfolk is home to the largest naval station in the world, NATO’s North American Strategic Command, the third largest port on the east coast, and serves as a historic tourist destination, and the urban core of Hampton Roads—the commercial, cultural, and educational hub for a region of 1.7 million residents.

Recently Norfolk was selected as one of the first members of 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), a program pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation. Norfolk joins international group that includes Paris, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Melbourne, Glasgow, Sydney, Barcelona, Rome, Montreal, San Francisco, and other world-class cities.

Norfolk’s Resilient City Strategy is founded on three key goals:

  • Design the coastal community of the future
  • Create economic opportunity by growing business sectors
  • Advance initiatives to connect communities, de-concentrate poverty and strengthen neighborhoods.

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