Norfolk Police Team Up With Animal Center for Unique 2018 Calendar

The Norfolk Police Department and the Norfolk Animal Care Center have come together for a unique 2018 calendar- “Norfolk’s Finest and Furriest”.

The calendar will feature cops and critters near some of the most beautiful and treasured landmarks in the City of Norfolk.

Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center, a non-profit 501c3 organization that acts as a booster club for the shelter, is financing the publication with the support of local businesses and organizations. They plan a limited initial printing of 500 copies and will debut the calendar at a launch event September 21. Look for digital billboards highlighting the calendar throughout the city!

“The calendar is the product of an online social media initiative Norfolk Animal Care Center’s Shelter Director, Barb Hays, and I developed nearly 3 years ago,” says Karen Parker-Chesson, Community Relations Manager for the Norfolk Police Department (NPD). The Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC) and the City of Norfolk’s police force partner on monthly photo shoots at the animal shelter featuring officers interacting with homeless pets.

“The initiative is the most liked and shared on NPD’s social media,” says Parker-Chesson.

“We’ve done hundreds of these photos with our police partners and they have really struck a chord with our supporters and followers on Facebook,” says Hays, who is not only the director of the shelter, but the professional eye behind the camera. “The heartwarming photos of officers and the shelter’s animals have given both departments the perfect way to engage our Norfolk citizens – it’s a win-win,” she says. Hays has spent some of the hottest days this summer photographing officers around Norfolk’s most significant sights, including the Battleship Wisconsin, Slover Library, and Waterside.

Officers of all ranks are represented from various units and divisions, including Animal Control, K-9, and Harbor Patrol holding everything from puppies and kittens, to chickens and rabbits.

Both Hays and Chesson-Parker believe the calendar will have wide appeal between NACC supporters, police, and their families with warm images of the best that Norfolk has to offer, Pets, Police and Places.

Visit Norfolk’s Finest and Furriest to find out more or to purchase a limited copy of the calendar.