North Carolina Aquarium Plans Huge Jellyfish Exhibit

Jellyfish might freak you out when you encounter them in the ocean or on the beach, but when you really understand and study them they are amazing creatures.

That’s the message the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is trying to send with it’s upcoming exhibit on one of the sea’s most beautiful and misunderstood creatures.

“The Delicate Drifters gallery will give visitors the opportunity to see that jellies are amazing animals scientifically. They are a floating community – beautiful, colorful and pulsing in all their three-dimensional glory. They add a whole new dimension to the Aquarium experience,” says Maylon White, director of the North Carolina Aquarium.

The gallery, which set to open next summer,  will include three cylindrical tanks, four bubble tubes and wall units filled with hundreds of sea jellies, such as Atlantic sea nettle, moon jellyfish and lion’s mane. The LED-lit tanks will be the sole source of light in the dark room, sure to create a magical experience.

The Aquarium says it will begin construction in October. This exhibit is possible thanks to a $30,000 grant from the Dominion Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Dominion North Carolina Power.