Oyster Extravaganza at Chatham Vineyards

Hundreds of wine and brine lovers bundled up for the annual Oyster Extravaganza at Chatham Vineyards!

People from across Hampton Roads, northern Virginia and Maryland traveled to the idyllic setting along Church Creek in Machipongo to enjoy a variety of Chatham Vineyards wines and taste all you can eat roasted and raw heirloom oysters from the surrounding waterways. Longtime Oysterman Ed Bell shucked his cultivated oysters, which he noted were created as carefully as the vines.

The event prides itself in being a food and wine lover’s dream. It is based on the concept that a wine’s taste reflect the region it is grown in, or terroir. Just as wines are believed to be flavored by their region, oysters are also known for developing a distinct flavor, or merroir, based on where they are grown.

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