Prepare to Climb the Walls at Meyer Indoor Bouldering

I heard the buzz about Meyer Indoor Bouldering on Facebook before I had any idea what it was. These comments caught my eye:

“I. Am. Going. To. WALK THERE!!!”

“It’s gonna be awesome!”

“This is so exciting!”

I had to find out why everyone is so excited… and what bouldering actually is. So I got a hold of Bill Meyer and got some answers.

Bouldering (n): A shorter-distance version of indoor rock climbing that is so low, safety equipment is not necessary.

That scared me a little. Of COURSE safety equipment is necessary! But Bill put it like this, “The highest wall is only about 15 feet. So at most if you did drop, you’d only drop 4 or 5 feet. It’s about as dangerous as sneaking out your bedroom window as a teen.”

The more we talked about bouldering, the more comfortable I felt. Then I felt excited. “Indoor bouldering is one of the largest-growing trends in the area,” Bill said. “It’s an efficient way to work out. Every muscle in the body is working.”

My excitement waned a little. I’m in okay shape, but not “work every muscle in the body” shape. Bill assured me that beginners will be welcome, and that there will be sections of the climbing walls that will be attainable for all fitness levels.

The best part is, at least for my pocketbook, bouldering will not require any extra equipment. Meyer Bouldering will rent out climbing shoes and I already have some workout clothes.

The best part for parents, though, will undoubtedly be a facility where you can drop off your kids and let them climb the walls- literally. Bill, a father of two, mentioned that he felt the need for a safe place for active kids in Norfolk. “There needs to be a place kids can go after school that doesn’t require a sign up.”

Meyer Indoor Bouldering is looking to answer that need. Bill envisions a gym where you can drop your kids off after school to blow off some steam while you grocery shop and before they have to sit down and do homework. He mentioned that parents will need a place to let their kids run wild if we get stuck in the snow again this winter. And Bill explained to me about auto-belays and all of the safety measures that will be put into place to keep your kids safe while they climb high.

Meyer Indoor Bouldering is set to open in the spring at 25th and Colonial in Norfolk. I can’t wait.

If you’re as excited as I am and want to do a little toning up in the mean time (just in case) Bill recommended walking, stretching, and body weight exercises like pull ups (hanging from a bar works too!) squats and other general calisthenics.

Check out Meyer Indoor Bouldering on Facebook and from all of us in Hampton Roads: Welcome to the Neighborhood, bouldering!