Prepping a Garden Bed for Native Plants

Even though it was a chilly weekend, a group of volunteers got outside to help beautify Portsmouth.

It was part of service days the Paradise Creek Nature Park puts on twice a month. This weekend, volunteers prepped a garden bed. Students at local elementary schools are growing plants in their classrooms and over the next couple of weeks they will plant them in this garden bed.

The organization says the plants they are growing will benefit butterflies.

“So the students will be planting native milkweed, they’ll be planting great lobelia, cardinal-flower, asters, a number of other different wildflower species that are really beneficial to not just butterflies, but insects as well,” explained Sarah Sumoski, Urban Park Ranger with Paradise Creek Nature Park.

The organization says part of their larger goal is to restore the area by removing invasive plants, and adding more native ones.

Are you interested in volunteering? Click here for a list of upcoming service days.