Professional Tips for Taking Back to School Photos

It’s the first day of the new school year for thousands of local children. For parents, that means it’s time to get that perfect back to school photo.

That can be a lot of pressure, so WAVY’s 10 On Your Side enlisted the help of a pro to help you get a shot for the scrapbook that will make you and your children proud.

Rob Coble says the biggest mistake people make is to have the kids say “CHEESE.” Instead, he says get them to laugh, then click right when they stop.

He also says it helps to dress them in vibrant colors and in clothes that reflect their personalities. And, be consistent. Stand in front of the house, school or same backdrop year after year so you can really see how they grow.

Don’t rush it. Coble says it is ok to take the photo after school or even the following weekend. No one has to know. “You have to allow yourself plenty of time. Children can be a challenge and the more you rush them the more it’s not going to work.”

Props can be fun, but avoid clutter. “If you’re indoors and there’s a table and a lamp and a remote control you don’t want to have that in your shot, so get in close; eliminate distractions.”

Most of all – have fun! Remember, it’s about capturing moments, not competing with the masses.

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