Quick Tips on Completing Your New Year Resolutions

Francina Harrison specializes in helping people get on the right path with their careers. The advice she provides to her clients can also be applied to accomplishing your goals for the New Year. Whether it be in business, health or finances, we hope these quick tips will help you reach your goals.

1. Keep it Real

You need to be realistic with your goals. Keep it simple and do-able. Ex: It’s probably unrealistic to make $100,000 dollars tomorrow. Start by working on your resume or putting together a business plan if you’re an entrepreneur. Most goals won’t be accomplished overnight. There are steps involved.

2. Be Action Oriented

Francina Harrison

You can’t just dream about it, you have to “do” something about it. By the third week of January, the majority of resolutions go out the window because there’s no action put behind the goal. Ex. If you want to lose weight, start cutting out fast food from your diet.

3. Have Accountability Partners

Share your goals with close friends and family. Ask them to keep you on track. Of course, they can’t do the work for you but it can be easier to make it to the finish line with a team of support behind you.

4. Reward Yourself

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves when it comes to completing goals. Give yourself a pat on the back for the small strides you take. Small effort is better than no effort at all. Ex: If you set a goal to walk 3,000 steps a day, put a dollar or two in the jar every time you accomplish your daily goal. It’s reinforcement that you’re going in the right direction.

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