Sailors Honor Former President While Serving The Community

Hundreds of Navy sailors were out serving across the Hampton Roads community Monday as a tribute to President George H.W. Bush, who turned 94 on June 12.

The 900 sailors of the USS George H.W. Bush participated in 44 different local community service projects spanning from maintenance of parks and beaches to volunteering with local youth organizations.

Bush is a former Naval aviator and advocate for community involvement. His stance on volunteering can be seen through lines of his 1989 “Thousand Points of Light” speech where he said, ” I will ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.”

Sailors from the former president’s namesake ship did just that in his honor today as they pitched in all across the Hampton Roads community.