Salute to Pork at Harbor Park

Lovers of pork and lovers of baseball can win some Tides tickets and fame this baseball season at Hits at the Park, Harbor Park’s restaurant.

Presenting the Salute to Pork Challenge! A challenger can attempt to consume a FIVE POUND portion of four different pork items in one hour. If he or she is successful, the challenger will win the meal for free, four tickets to a future Tides game, and a picture on the Wall of Fame. If the pork proves to be too much, they get charged for the platter and they go on the Wall of Shame.

According to the Tides website, The Salute to Pork Challenge menu consists of:

  • 4 Chef Steve’s pulled pork BBQ sliders
  • 4 four-ounce Cajun-smoked sausages
  • 12 Smithfield pork wings
  • Smithfield bacon and chili cheese tots

Tides Chef Steve Gillette says that only THREE people have made the Big Pig Hall of Fame and more than 50 are on the Little Piggy Wall of shame.

The Challenge will be available all season. Click here or call 757-624-9000 for more information. Happy eating!